About Us

Magicjack is the device which revolutionized the VOIP industry and added the new definition to the communication world. There are certain competitor in the market but magicjack has created its own space and with its additional features it has already won heart of many customers. There are various services such as call waiting, call forwarding, calling emergency number and directory assistance service which other competing technology doesn’t provide.

Magicjack is an USB based device which helps user to make calls and receive calls through internet connection. If you want to get rid-off those hefty telephone bills, just opt magicjack device and call your friends and relatives living in USA and Canada at lower rates. Magicjack Service provide best calling features at affordable price. Installing magicjack device is quick and easy. You can start calling just after the installation. It is possible to call your friends and relatives who are living in abroad without spending a huge amount.

While using magicjack device user have to pay few bucks and utilize the service for the entire year, there is no hidden charges for the device. You can carry the device while travelling and use it wherever you get internet connection.

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